A Little About Mitsubishi Evo.

Like Toyota, the Mitsubishi is also a Japanese company which introduced a very exciting product in the market of vehicles that is the sports sedan vehicle based on the design of Lancer that is known as Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution short as Mitsubishi Evo. The model has number of series that ranges from Evolution I to Evolution X. all these models use roman numerals in their names. In all these models there is two liters turbocharged along with the engine that uses the four cylinders those are inline and all wheel’s drive. Initially these models were only local to the Japanese market but when the Mitsubishi evo racing clutch got famous in international markets then the Japanese decided to extend the scope of the market for these vehicles and launched them in the markets of Europe and United Kingdom. In 2003, Mitsubishi decided to launch the eight model of these evolution series that is Evolution VIII to the market of USA. Each evolution had more PS than the previous ones. The final model of this series that is Evolution X was introduced in Japan and it was in 2007. In 2008 this Evolution 10 was launched in the international markets. This model is however now retired but it continued for over 10 years.

One of the performance clutches that are used in the evolution 10 are the heavy duty plates of pressure clutch kit that use a thick friction plate made with the cerametallic material. These are the performance clutches that are designed to improve the performance and are designed to bear the pressure of high engines. These engines are powered modified and puts a great abuse on the scion FRS racing clutch of the vehicle. The main feature that these clutches provide over the stock type discs are that these can bear much more slippage and do not fade away easily. Thus, the life span of these performance clutches increase due to their durability. The impact and shock created by the loads are reduced by the use of spring center dampers. The common specification that most of the manufacturers provide is measured in terms of torque drag and torque street. The max torque drag provided usually is 347 and max torque street is 432. However the prices of these clutch kit is very high. Usually the price for this kind of clutch kit is around $750.